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Every growing business that ventures into competitive markets, faces complex business challenges and needs varied skill sets to handle them effectively. In many cases, business enterprises are known to handling core business functions better than having them outsourced. Our Consultancy Services are guided largely to assist the business enterprises on their non-core business functions by providing them with cost-effective, superior quality and better managed business services, enabling the business enterprise to undertake their business more effectively.

Whether you are a business start-up or a more established concern, we can take an objective view of your financial standing and establish the right decision for you. With our experience in business strategy consulting, we help you develop a robust strategy with the aim of achieving a sustainable financial position for you in the future. Our select Consulting Services include the following:

• Corporate Consulting
    -  Financial Advisory
    -  Risk Advisory
    -  Advise on Entity Structure
    -  Project Finance

• Human Resource Services
    -  Recruitment and Staffing
    -  Performance Appraisal
    -  HR Training
    -  Background Check
    -  Actuarial Valuation

• Payroll Services
    -  Executive Pay Planning and Benefits
    -  Preparation and Filing of Personal Tax Returns
    -  High net-worth Individual Tax Planning

• Mergers and Acquisitions
    -  Transaction Structuring and Financing
    -  Due Diligence
    -  Cost Analysis

• Corporate Training
    -  Training on Tax Matters
    -  Soft Skills
    -  Goods and Service Tax (GST)
    -  International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS)

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